Today is July 30, 2015


The IML Legal Department's core objective is to provide guidance to the League and to municipal attorneys representing its members on issues concerning municipal law. To this end, the Legal Department performs a wide variety of tasks to monitor and influence the status of municipal law in Illinois and communicate that status.

The Home Rule Attorneys Committee Meeting Minutes for July 2015
Published on Thursday July 23, 2015
The minutes for the July 2015 Home Rule Attorneys' Committee Meeting has been posted. See the important legislative, litigation, and other issues that were discussed at this month's meeting, and the information for attending the next meeting. More

FOIA Violation at the Garth Brooks Concert
Published on Wednesday July 22, 2015
A village's unsuccessful attempt to circumnaviate its way around FOIA by adopting an ordinance. More

IML Amicus Brief: Board of Education v. Illinois Attorney General
Published on Wednesday July 01, 2015
On June 22, 2015, the IML filed an amicus brief in support of the School Board for Springfield School District 186 before the Fourth District Illinois Appellate Court. In this case, the IML argued that the School Board did not violate Section 2(e) of the Open Meetings Act, and that the AG's interpretation of Section 2(e) would lead to an absurd result. More

Legal Bulletin for June 29, 2015
Published on Sunday June 28, 2015
The Legal Bulletin for June 29, 2015 has been posted on the IML website. In this issue: Four U.S. Supreme Court opinions on the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments. The remaining are Federal Circuit cases regarding Public Employment issues. More

IML Legal Brief: Benefits Litigation - Pensions & Health Insurance
Published on Tuesday June 23, 2015
Public pensions and healthcare for retirees have been subject to litigation before the Illinois Supreme Court. The big question presented in these lawsuits is: what protections are afforded those benefits by the Illinois Constitution or State statutes? More

IML Legal Brief: Applicability of Municipal Zoning Authority Over the Land of Other Local Governments
Published on Tuesday April 21, 2015
A recent question has arisen regarding whether special-purpose local governments, such as school districts, park districts, and airport authorities, are required to abide by the zoning regulations of the municipalities in which they are located. More

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