Today is August 20, 2014


The IML Legal Department's core objective is to provide guidance to the League and to municipal attorneys representing its members on issues concerning municipal law. To this end, the Legal Department performs a wide variety of tasks to monitor and influence the status of municipal law in Illinois and communicate that status.

WUIS: Appellate Court Confirms: Term Limits Not Eligible For Ballot
Published on Wednesday August 20, 2014
For the second time, a court has deemed unconstitutional a citizen's initiative to would limit how long Illinois lawmakers can serve. First, it was a Cook County Circuit Court judge. Now, the decision is from a state appellate court. Both say the question of term limits for state legislators should not go before voters on the November ballot. More

IMLA Files Two Amicus Briefs before the Supreme Court
Published on Tuesday August 19, 2014  Updated on August 20, 2014 @ 10:24 AM
The International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) filed two amicus briefs on Monday, August 18, 2014, before the United States Supreme Court. One case is on the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The other is on qualfied immunity. More

News Items of Municipal Interest for August 14, 2014
Published on Thursday August 14, 2014
The compilation of news items for today include stories on wages; budgets and financing; medical marijuana dispensaries; incentives for drawing in new businesses; infected ash trees; electric aggregation in Kane County; and much more. Please stay tuned for updates throughout the day. More

IML Legal Brief: Recent High Court Decisions in Plain English
Published on Wednesday August 20, 2014
Over a one-month period (June 9, 2014 to July 3, 2014), Illinois and United States Supreme Courts issued six opinions of interest that are relevant to Illinois municipalities. This article summarizes, in plain English, the four opinions that are of most importance. More

IMLA: Overtaxed? The SLLC and IMLA File Supreme Court Amicus Brief in Comptroller v. Wynne
Published on Monday August 11, 2014
The State and Local Legal Center (SLLC)/International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) amicus brief in Comptroller v. Wynne argues that the tax policy choice the Maryland legislature made is fair (or at least fair enough) and that state and local governments should be able to devise tax schemes without judicial interference. In Comptroller v. Wynne the Supreme Court will determine whether the U.S. Constitution requires states to give a credit for taxes paid on income earned out-of-state. More

The Home Rule Attorneys Committee Meeting Minutes for July 2014
Published on Wednesday July 30, 2014
The minutes for the July 2014 Home Rule Attorneys' Committee Meeting has been posted. See the important legislative and litigation issues that were discussed at this month's meeting, and information for attending the next meeting. More

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