Today is August 01, 2014


The IML Legal Department's core objective is to provide guidance to the League and to municipal attorneys representing its members on issues concerning municipal law. To this end, the Legal Department performs a wide variety of tasks to monitor and influence the status of municipal law in Illinois and communicate that status.

News Items of Municipal Interest for August 1, 2014
Published on Friday August 01, 2014
The compilation of news items for today include stories on Elgin and Naperville considering medical marijuana dispensaries; a public contractor arrested for misconduct; Governor Quinn announces contruction projects; and much more. More

AP: Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds 2011 union law
Published on Thursday July 31, 2014
The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the 2011 law that effectively ended collective bargaining for most public workers, sparked massive protests and led to Republican Gov. Scott Walker's recall election and rise to national prominence.... More

The Home Rule Attorneys Committee Meeting Minutes for July 2014
Published on Wednesday July 30, 2014
The minutes for the July 2014 Home Rule Attorneys' Committee Meeting has been posted. See the important legislative and litigation issues that were discussed at this month's meeting, and information for attending the next meeting. More

Legal Bulletin for July 30, 2014
Published on Wednesday July 30, 2014
The Legal Bulletin for July 30, 2014 has been posted on the IML website. In this issue are summaries on the topics regarding: FOIA, Governmental Immunity, Municipal Liability, PSEBA, Public Employment Discrimination, Redistricting, and Transfer Taxes & Federal Preemption. More

FindLaw News: 7th Circuit Can't Decide If Jail 'Booking Fee' Is Constitutional
Published on Monday July 28, 2014  Updated on July 28, 2014 @ 04:27 PM
In Woodridge, Illinois, it used to be that everyone who was arrested and then bailed out of jail had to pay a $30 fee. Jerry Markadonatos was arrested for misdemeanor shoplifting, arrested, booked, paid bail, and was released. Later, he pleaded guilty, served 12 months of probation, and then had...... More

SCOTUSblog: New amicus brief: A broader view of retiree health care
Published on Monday July 28, 2014  Updated on July 28, 2014 @ 04:21 PM
This fall the Court will hear a case on the future of retiree health care. M&G Polymers USA v. Tackett asks a challenging question: what language in a union collective bargaining agreement will cause health-care benefits to vest - that is, continue as long as the beneficiary remains a retiree? Many employers and tens of thousands of retirees have an interest in the Court's decision. If benefits are vested, employers are obligated to provide them, regardless of future employer-union negotiations. If not, they can later be modified or terminated. More

Village of Vernon Hills v. Heelan, 2014 IL App (2d) 130823 (July 23, 2014)
Published on Thursday July 24, 2014
The village was obligated, under Section 10 of PSEBA, to provide health insurance benefits to a police officer who was awarded a line-of-duty disability pension because the officer suffered a catastrophic injury while responding to what he reasonably believed to be an emergency, and pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court precedence, the village was prohibited from challenging the catastrophic injury determination once he was awarded a line-of-duty disability pension. More

Quad Cities Times: Court OKs expedited appeal of term limits case
Published on Tuesday July 22, 2014
An Illinois appellate court has agreed to hear an expedited appeal of a ruling that banned a question on term limits from the November ballot. The Chicago-based First District Appellate Court issued its order Monday. More

IMLA: Supreme Court Didn’t Overrule Abood
Published on Tuesday July 22, 2014
Supreme Court cases are usually known for what they hold. Harris v. Quinn will forever be known for what it did not hold. The Court did not overrule Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, a 35-year old precedent that is a cornerstone of public sector collective bargaining. But it certainly foreshadowed its demise. More

RLUIPA News: U.S. Supreme Court to Review Sign Ordinance for Possible Free Speech Violation
Published on Tuesday July 22, 2014
From Robinson & Cole: The U.S. Supreme Court granted Good News Community Church's (Church) petition for a writ of certiorari to review the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Reed v. Town of Gilbert, No. 11-15555 (9th Cir. 2013). The case involves a sign ordinance in the Town of Gilbert that the Church alleges violates its right to free speech. More

IML Legal Brief: Telecommunications Tax Refund Notice
Published on Thursday July 03, 2014
As a result of a federal class action lawsuit, a large telecommunications carrier was ordered to seek refunds from the states on behalf of customers that were charged telecommunication taxes on transactions that were not properly taxable under federal and state law. More

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