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  • Matthews v. CTA (filed December 19, 2014)
      The City of Chicago and the IML filed an amicus brief in this matter in support of the CTA. In the joint brief we argued: (1) that the plaintiffs -- current and former CTA employees -- failed to state a promissory estoppel claim regarding retiree health care benefits; and (2) there was no presumption of vesting of retiree health care benefits conferred by the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Board of Education v. City of Crystal Lake (filed April 25, 2014)
      The issue in this case is whether school improvements are subject to municipal zoning regulation.
  • Hayenga v City of Rockford (filed April 7, 2014)
      The issue in this case was whether the city had the statutory and/or common law authority to impound a vehicle when the driver was arrested for a misdemeanor.
  • Bruns v. City of Centralia (filed March 5, 2014)
      The IML filed this brief on behalf of the City, arguing that the City was entitled to discretionary immunity for the plaintiff's injuries after she tripped and fell on an uneven portion of a sidewalk because the City was exercizing discretion and interpreting policy regarding the historical significance of a tree, the roots of which caused the defect in the sidewalk. In addition, the City had no duty to the plaintiff because the defect was an open and obvious danger, and the distraction exception did not apply because simply focussing on one's destination is not a distraction sufficient to invoke the distraction exception.
  • Lake County Grading Co. v. Village of Antioch (filed January 8, 2014)
      The IML filed an amicus brief in support of the Village of Antioch, arguing that the village was not liable to a subcontractor under the Public Construction Bond Act for failing to require a bond payment from a general contractor.