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2016 Calendar for Municipal Officials

Pursuant to Illinois law, municipal officials are required to perform certain duties at specified times throughout the calendar year. We have compiled those duties as a service to our members.

Non-home rule municipal officials must always comply with these statutory requirements. Home rule municipalities, however, must only comply with the requirements set forth by the statutes until such time as they may otherwise provide by ordinance, unless the power has been preempted by statute. Some requirements are set according to the calendar year, while others are set according to the fiscal year.

For purposes of this calendar, it is assumed the fiscal year begins May 1st, as it does in most municipalities. (The fiscal year in Chicago is the calendar year.) Some municipalities may have adopted a date different from May 1st for the beginning of their fiscal year. 65 ILCS 5/1-1-2(5). If so, this calendar must be adjusted to reflect that specific fiscal year.